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Name: Jim
Email: None of your Bloody business
Subject: Thursday
Date: 06 July, 2006


04:30:45 pm, Categories: Aerendel's Blog, 48 words English (CA) Canada

Thursday, Another Cold, but pretty, Morning.

Frozen Madawaska

Madawaska River Frozen

I was thinking about cropping this one to cut out the little bit of blurry fence on the left.

It's another cold morning in Arnprior (-16C at 8 am). (Maybe colder, our frog thermometer is unreliable...)I took some more photos this morning. This is one of them.




11:02:13 am, Categories: Aerendel's Blog, 59 words English (CA)Canada

Wednesday- 'coldest morning so far-'


Weir Island with Fog

-took this photo just about 9 am. (along with about a dozen others, then the batteries died.)

Nice fog cloud rising from the weir. Pretty lacework trees where the ice fog touched them. And the south side of the bridge was pretty too (picture at live journal site)

um.... shrug, abu nice day.... (in Harley's learning to talk speak.)




11:20:42 pm, Categories: Aerendel's Blog, 159 words English (CA)Canada

blackcatIs it almost Wednesday?

It's cold out there.

Moe's driving me nuts in here.

-tonight's song in my head at work was...."Still the one" by Orleans (you're still the one who makes me shout, still the one I dream about... we're still havin fun, and you're still the one...) which had some competition from "Peg" and "Show Biz Kids" by Steely Dan (" oh peg... it will come back to you.... you're sure to fall... "do doo doo dooo..... "it's your very foreign movie... you're up in blueprint blue... it sure looks good on you" & Show biz kids making movies of themselves you know they don't give a f{darn?} about anybody else.)

And, checking the email... the very snarr folks who own the Fergus Market have dem heads up dem butts and they're going to turn the place into a strip mall. ice holes.... snarrrrr!


I saw some nice photos today, but didn't have my camera with me.





09:36:19 am, Categories: Announcements [B], 74 words English (CA) Canada

Monday - (-24°C wind chill) pretty darned cold. hey? (-16°F wind chill)


cold morning in arnprior:

Monday, 12 December, 2004 -14°C/+7°F ((-24°C/-16°F Wind Chill))

The sunrise looked better than it photographed. Brrrrrrr.

the boy, when told that his friend was concerned that he hadn't worn snow pants on cold cold days, replied by asking how many centimeters of snow were on the ground.

so you see, you wear snow pants when the snow reaches a certain depth, not when the wind will freeze your kneebulbs off... I guess.





10:20:38 pm, Categories: Announcements [B], 35 words English (CA)Canada

Sunday, Lightly Snowing

Sleeping Moe

Moe, sleeping.

-woke up hurting, used the wrong pillow?
-got some things done. Mostly in web pages.
-went to work. survived.... I think (counts fingers and toes and arms and legs, and things....)





10:05:34 am, Categories: Announcements [B], 33 words English (CA)Canada

Muhdugus wiff him pointy head and all, & him's dad in back

Muhdugus & Rocky
Muhdugus & Rocky

Muhdugus wiff him pointy head and crooked upside down fangs :)

Originally posted by talerocker at 01:00AM (EDT) on May 26, 2005

Muhdugus Gonzakawitz on the left wiff him dad in the back on our right.




06:25:03 pm, Categories: Announcements [B], 581 words English (CA)Canada

The People of the Glen

We had visitors last July. (Human Beings from the Real World, south of the Canadian/US Border.) Mark and Elsa. Both of them have Native American roots. (Although I don't know if either would insist on being politically correct about calling them that.) & When I described a Troll who ran into a dream and stood there, grinning, Mark knew immediately that that person was indeed, a Troll. One of what he's been calling "The People of the Glen" which is a title handed down from Celtic/Gaelic tradition. These are people that other traditions call 'Faeries' or 'The Little People' or any one of a thousand other names, including 'hallucinations'.

The one I saw had a round face when viewed from the front. His face was also fairly flat when viewed from the side, and he had a long nose that looked rather tubular and had quite an upturn. His arms looked like woody branches of a tree. (They were rather thin, and somewhat flat where you might expect them to be rounded.) He scared me, but the more I thought about him, the less threatening he seemed. I thanked him for letting me know he was there and I apologized for trying to kick him while I was dreaming. (Should I add that since this I have learned that when we are asleep and dreaming, almost all the connections between sections of our brains cease to function. This probably explains why we don't always act 'sensibly' in dreams. This and the fact that we are sometimes trying to teach ourselves lessons that our conscious minds don't always want to listen to?) I believe that this Troll told me in a subsequent dream that his name was 'Droofus McGuire'. From his tone of voice, I thought he could be kidding me. I still felt no malign motivation. He might not have been lying or 'kidding' at all, and/or I could have been mistaken, could have remembered something out of place.

It seems the People of the Glen are real, and have a definite purpose in being here. They take care of plants and things and make the part of the world they have been intrusted with inhabitable and inviting to the animals who share our world with us.

Mark led us through a ceremony to Honour and Thank The People of the Glen for their work and their continued presence. The ceremony included building a fire, borrowing a cigarette from somebody who smoked so we could take the tobacco out of the cigarette and toss it into the fire as some kind of traditional offering. We also bowed to the four directions, held hands and thankedg our not quite human neighbours for being themselves and for making the world we share more interesting and healthier than it would be without them. (According to Mark, if the People of the Glen leave an area, its soul kind of dies and no animals want to live there.) We had smoke rising into our faces without making it difficult to breathe and we had tree branches acting like a hurricane was blowing them around, as they seemed to be trying to reach down from their trees and touch us. Then we had lots of twinkling lights in the bushes in our back yard. The twinkling lights, Mark said, were proof that the People of the Glen back there were happy with us and happy that we had honoured and thanked them.



05:00:15 pm, Categories: Announcements [A], 6 words English (US)U.S.

Aerendel's Dust Bin Blog

here we are, i think....



10:27:06 am, Categories: Announcements [B], 7 words English (CA)Canada

Sundown from the cats' favourite perch

Sun Down
I forgot when I took this

Let's see if this works, hey?



10:25:43 am, Categories: Announcements [B], 73 words English (CA)Canada

Duhhhh- "Untitled"

by talerocker on December 9, 2005 10:25AM (EST)
Friday, 09 December, 2005. (Gary Hedding's and Kathy Marie Wellington Hanley's Birthday)

-7°C (-13°C Wind Chill) and snowing. off hand I'd guess we already got our projected 5 centimeters of snow.

It's been a while.

NaNoWriMo came and went and both DreamCat and I wrote our 50,000 + words to become 'winners' (and the boy wanted to know what we won).

Ya know? this is a pretty good blog here. yummmm




01:32:26 pm, Categories: Announcements [A], 16 words English (CA)Canada


Moe Under the Table Again....

Under the table again... swearing his innocence...

Orange cats are trouble wiff a capital T.




01:50:46 pm, Categories: Announcements [B], 21 words English (CA)Canada


Domino Dec2005

Handsome Cats Anonymous

Domino. He never sits still long enough for me to get a good photo of him, but.... hey, looky this....




02:18:34 pm, Categories: Announcements [B], 187 words English (CA)Canada

Duh Gang (or part of it)

Xyrean, Vollffe, Renard, Rocky, Drae & Minou

by talerocker at 02:18PM (EDT) on Novembre 28, 2005

Dragons Gate People. 'generated' at HeroMachine 2 (?) Left to right: Xyrean Shantivarta (Air Mage of Rinanni) (4'11" tall, & he can fly, has wings and all that. He's an Anthian) Vollffe Glencairn (Air Mage with ties to Rinanni) 5'7" tall, Psycian, (has psionics) will be able to fly (using spells). Renard ChittraShanti (Bard of Rinanni) 5'5", Psycian, (wild hair to hide shortness? Nah.... TalkeRocker Talxalot (Bard of Rinanni) Wannabe publisher / Newshound. 4'4" tall, Drag-al (sort of part lizard, part 'humanoid' Has a tail. This drawing is not a very good likeness, but it's as good as it gets from on-line free services.) Drae(j)len LeChaat- Psion (psions aren't allowed to dedicate themselves to religious sects.. (7'7" tall, a Leuian (cat person). Minou Chat-Des-Reves (Heart cleric of Rinanni... is there a pattern emerging here?) 6'1" last time she visited the spur.... cute as a button, Drae's life mate. Oh, the four legged cat thing at Minou's ankles is Moe, as he dreams he is.

Drae Posed as the legendary hero Xehd in the story "A Fen Dragon's Bite" that won this year's NaNoWriMo 'competition'.... (2005)

yum, sigh,





06:53:32 am, Categories: Announcements [B], 73 words English (CA)Canada

NaNoWriMo coming up

by talerocker on October 18, 2005 06:53AM (EDT)

National Novel Writing Month- is almost here. I actually wrote the requisite number of words last year. sort of meandered around and then took off like a shot-

I may never remember last year's past word.

But my head is churning with scads of ideas.

Maybe we'll see you there.


Webbed feet rule! (alzo spraque TaleRocker)


Thanksgiving 2005 in Arnprior

Thanksgiving in Arnprior (Columbus Day in the US, I think...)


06:32:09 am, Categories: Announcements [B], 28 words English (CA)Canada
The Jeep and I, Chats Lake (ottawa river) Quyon, Quebec over shoulder


Jim On the Quoyon Ferry w/Jeep

by talerocker at 06:22AM (EDT) on October 18, 2005

(Took Cathi about 5 tries to learn to keep her finger down long enough for a photo to actually take. Evil Grin....)


06:30:42 am, Categories: Announcements [B], 85 words English (CA)Canada
Trailer More Or Less In Place.


Trailer in place, more or less

by talerocker at 06:30AM (EDT) on October 18, 2005

The boy was impressed with my snarrr vocabulary. He was also impressed that, after taking half an hour and quite a few 'magic ((four letter)) words' to back the trailer around a sharp corner at the bottom of a steep, damp, sandy hill- I backed up just far enough and then floored it, spun wheels and wagged trailer, but actually got up the hill. His mother still talks to me, so she probably survived the ordeal. Ya think?


06:25:36 am, Categories: Announcements [B], 31 words English (CA)Canada
Nice Lighting / Trees at Trailer Site in Quebec


Trees (Light looks like a Chameleon)

Nice Lighting... Looks like a chamelion made of leaves

by talerocker at 06:25AM (EDT) on October 18, 2005
Down the hill from the travel trailer.... the 'bear poop' we found was probably human.




09:45:39 am, Categories: Announcements [B], 133 words English (CA)Canada
Oktembre nienff, two fousand and fibe

Oktembre nineff, 2 fousand and five.

by talerocker at 09:45AM (EDT) on October 10, 2005

I have more photos, I'll get around to loading them..... 'soon'.

Found Zak and Sharon (sort of) after doing a search on Zak.

They're in Martha's Vinyard for a writers fing for Sharon?

I'm anticipating getting email from Zak saying "Who are you and why did you put me down as a friend on your live journal?" any day now. might be fun to find out how long it takes him to realize I'm there.

other than that? -eh.

it very suddenly decided that summer was over up here a couple days ago. boom the bottom dropped out in the temperature department. to ya soon. (oh, and I talked to Skawinksi's in Connecticut around M.E.'s b'day) yummmm




01:16:37 pm, Categories: Announcements [B], 59 words English (CA)Canada
Happy Birfday to Me.... I belong in a tree.... I look like a monkey...


Mac Mini @ Work...

Hey, for my birthday we decided it would be cool to go into hock (I think Maybe DreamCat thought that might give me incentive to keep working??? ((He teased,,,))) )

To get a Mac Mini.


Here you can see the skunk that helps me think about things and the wizard who keeps the screen alive...

or something that-like....




12:42:12 am, Categories: Announcements [B], 313 words English (CA)Canada
On Day number 20,454....

Well, hey! I made it thorugh another year!

by talerocker at 02:42AM (EDT) on September 9, 2005

Friday, Sepotember 9, 2005. Woa!

let's see... I think I'm, uh.... 20, 454 days old..... but I could be wrong- You know how it is with Ymmps and their memories... was the year on earth, uh - "Y2K" a bona fide leap year? How many days were in february that year? oh jeeze- I guess I gotta go look that up. anyway- it might make a big difference in my age, hey?

So anyway.

I have a digital camera. it came without a memory card, so we don't know if it works yet. I bid on and won a memory card on ebay today- uh, I mean yesterday- and it's on it's way, but will it get here before we die of anticipation? I don't know.

It's been a very busy last couple months- hey, on my late and lovable cousin Gary's birthday we picked up and brand spankin new Jeep Liberty- kind of midnight pearl blue with the towing package and a yummy cd player (not the top of the line, but hey.... I lived without for a yong yong time there....) -Right around Sammy's birfday I started paying for an acre and a half of Quebec- yum- a place that just reaks of potential. I have some computer memory winging it's way here that might solve my "No can load OSX" problem. And like I just said, I was the successful bidder on an Olympus point and shoot digital camera and a memory card that should put me in the digital photo game. Yummmm!

and where do we go from here?

Tune in next time, folks for the continuing saga of .... who are we this time? TaleRocker and DreamCat? TaleRocker and DreamCat tame the world with Love and Appreciation. Now isn't that a book you'd want to read?




Announcements, imported stuff from dead blogs.... dust bin

05:14:36 pm, Categories: Announcements [B], 508 words English (CA)Canada
September... Hurricane Katrina and....

September, Hurricane Katrina and snarr business managers.

by talerocker at 05:14PM (EDT) on September 3, 2005

Photos from Quebec property are in a couple places, including here.

I was the winning bidder on an Olympus D-575 digital camera. Now I gotta worry about being outbid at the last moment for an iMac DV. snarrrrrr.

Hurricane Katrina went from a category 1 when it lolled across florida to a category 5 that seemed to be Hell-bent on taking out New Orleans. People are speculating some pretty weird things, like maybe some foreign power maniplated the hurricane, intensified and directed it. Included in the speculators are not just the usual suspects... some are scientists with real credentials who quote Resident G Dubbaya Boosh as sayin something about the hurricane acting like a weapon or something. Rumours include the Russians, the Chinese, Haliburton, the C.I.A. and several bands of Arab extremists may have been manipulating the weather. (all of the above? none of the above? maybe it's just snarrr karma? shrug.)

Anyway, no- there is not a massive campaign of radio wave jamming, it's the normal effects of weather conditions, but what's worrying lots of people is the fact that government officials have not been allowing volunteer ham radio operators go into the area and set up their temporary emergency operations. that's just plain so weird, it's suspicious. Ya think? Are they trying to hide something? like how many people they allowed to die before they allowed any real relief effort to start? shrug.

We have plenty of questions. not many answers.

Personally, where I work, one of the managers spotted a mess on the floor and feared that I was not doing my job. She got a hold of my boss and showed him. looked like a mess of powdery remains of tile grout on the floor that somebody had 'swished a mop through and just left it"? So the manager went on a rampage and demanded that 'every flat surface be attended to and the stairs be given a 'proper' sweeping and mopping every night. Snarrr...


Proverb 3:34 Surely He scorneth the scorners: but He giveth grace unto the lowly.

Proverb 3:35 The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools.


So this Tursday I discovered the source of the managagers rampage. (after somebody vandalized Cathi's car and left dog doo and then stomped on chocolate cake all over the front steps of the place) dog doo and cake were duly stepped in and tracked inside....

What looked to the manager like tile grout had to be kids' sugary candy, dumped or spilled out of a packet, probably by a kid who was bored silly about needing to be standig around with mom or somebody when the kid wanted to be somewhere else, playing, not standing around a businessy place where kids are forced to act respectfully etc. The culprit had struck again and the sugary stuff had had a foot dragged through it and 'swished' at the end in a kind of "J" pattern.

.... Pictures at eleven?




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