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Two Birds

Two Birds -Maybe....

 -We were on our way out of town for the weekend. As we approached the highway, we passed an old over-the road trailer which is now being used as a billboard, advertising a local business.

 - I was primarily watching the road ahead, and caught a glimpse ("out of the corner of my eye") of what I first thought was some odd pieces of rusty old metal on top of the trailer.

 - At second glance I saw two large, dark birds standing chest to chest, with their wings spread out and their beaks touching, as if they were kissing.

 - "Now, that's weird-" I said, and, when I was about to tell Cathi she should look back and see what those strange birds were doing, I glanced back again, and there was no sign of them.

 -We had recently been talking to a friend who had told us that a lot of strange birds had been appearing in the sky around where he is staying, and while we were there, I saw a very yellow bird in a tree that was at least the size of a robin- if not a crow.

  -Our friend told us that he believed many of those birds were not native to this material world, but were astral beings appearing to us as physical birds. He'd gone on to tell us that, after he'd said a prayer that only positive spirits appear to him like that, the visitations decreased by something like 90%.

  - Um, My best guess: If these were physical birds, they were probably Cormorants. They were quite large. Cathi had also asked me, not long before this, about a very large black bird she had seen sitting on a power line near our home.

  -If they weren't physical birds, I don't know what to tell you-

 -----Jim (( 09 Septembre, 2007))

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